21. Doctor Who—The Witch Hunters: Steve Lyons

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21. Doctor Who—The Witch Hunters: Steve Lyons

Post  Patguy on Sat Dec 19, 2009 12:56 am

A straight historical Doctor Who novel starring the First Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara, and set during the Salem witch trials. Well-written and with well-drawn characters, it explores a little bit of the moral murkiness surrounding time travel: why can the Doctor interfere all he likes on alien planets, and in Earth’s future, but be unable to change a single thing about what we consider “history”? The question is raised but not fully answered, partly I suppose because the contradiction is hard-wired into the Doctor Who concept itself, which as an adventure series is neither true science fiction nor completely frivolous.

Steve Lyons is, along with Paul Cornell, Lance Parkin and Lawrence Miles, one of the best of the Who novelists, and this is worth picking up if, like me, you’re into that sort of thing.

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