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Comics Roundup

Post  wmeisel on Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:16 pm

SInce I know other writers do this, I will do one as well.

The only series I followed this year were: Superman and The Legion of Super Heroes in Action Comics, Legion of Three Worlds, both of which were superfantastic. I follow R.E.B.E.L.S. which is a nice reboot that I have enjoyed this year (though the plot pace is a bit slow.) Justice Society of America has become a bit of a disappointment this year, though it's splitting into two series and I hope the one I follow will pick up. Adventure Comics featruing Superboy, and the Legion of Super Heroes as a backup has had some hits and misses. I also follow Dave Sim's Glamourpuss (which is not for everyone) and Godland. I also read some Star Trek comics, which frankly I enjoyed at the time but have left my memory as I write this today.

I donwloaded the Comic Zeal app for my Ipod Touch. It contains a free bunch of Golden Age comics, including a long run of Police Comics featuring Plastic Man (and The Spirit, The Human Bomb, Firebrand and others), two of Charlton's Space series (some featuring really nice Steve Ditko art), some issue of Adventures into The Unknown (from ACG publishers) and a handful of other series that did not impress me as much. Still, this is a very great buy for any comic book reader.

Other things I enjoyed this year: THE LOSERS by Jack Kirby, Mark Evanier's Kirby book, Blake Bell's book on Steve Ditko.

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