9. Here if you need me (Kate Braestrup)

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9. Here if you need me (Kate Braestrup)

Post  Ren on Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:35 pm

Braestrup became a chaplain basically by accident. Her husband, Drew, a Maine state trooper, died in a car accident at a time when he was considering a second career as an ordained minister. After her shock subsided, Braestrup decided to follow in his footsteps and became a chaplain for the Maine Warden Service, which sets up search-and-rescue missions throughout the state. Her own remarkable story encompasses those of the men and women who work alongside her and incorporates many touching anecdotes.

Summary by: Sawyers, June
Finished reading it on May 2, 2009

Great book... very touching true story of her experiences with the Maine Warden Service.... wrote down several quotes from this book including, "Then they will go home, hold the warm, living bodies of their own children, and know too well the risk they take by loving in such a precarious world" (p. 14).

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