13. The Sunday List of Dreams (Kris Radish)

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13. The Sunday List of Dreams (Kris Radish)

Post  Ren on Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:13 am

Connie Nixon is a suburban divorcée who retires early from her nursing job so she can tackle her list of previously unattainable goals — like cleaning out the garage, going to confession, and reuniting with her estranged daughter, Jessica (in that order). Nixon learns her lost child went off and created a wish list of her own — to satisfy every unfulfilled American woman with her burgeoning sex-toy business!

Finished reading it on June 17, 2009
Also read this one for a book group.... and talked to the author via phone conference on that night... she used to live in WI so for the group, she is a "local" author... I have read every other book she has written, like The Elegant Gathering of White Snows... which was the first of hers that I read.

I reallllly liked Kris Radish's earlier books.... this one was almost like she was trying too hard. She did experience some of the things in the book to better prepare herself to write about them, e.g. a women's festival... I have another book of hers on the shelf to read, the Shortest Distance Between Two Women... and I hope it is a little better than this one.

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