57-62. Six by Terry Pratchett

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57-62. Six by Terry Pratchett

Post  Patguy on Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:20 am

Interesting Times
The Last Continent
The Truth

A few more Discworld books. Interesting Times, The Last Continent and Maskerade are all fun installments in the series, without too many surprises. You can say that about The Truth as well, although for some reason all of the usual Pratchett elements combine here especially well. So maybe it’s only a personal preference, but this is one of my favorites of the series so far. Hogfather is the Ludachristmas of the series, which is to say, just like all the other installments, but with a holiday theme. Jingo is also the usual shtick, with a couple of excellent conceits, particularly the magical PDA-like device owned by Commander Vimes, which gets its signals crossed and starts to read off the appointments of a Commander Vimes from a parallel dimension.

I think I might be done with this series for a while, though. I enjoy the books, but there are just too many other good novels out there I haven’t read yet to keep reading the same book over and over again, no matter how funny it is.

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