30. Acquainted with the Night (Paul Raeburn)

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30. Acquainted with the Night (Paul Raeburn)

Post  Ren on Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:28 pm

: A Parent's Quest to Understand Depression and Bipolar Disorder in His Children.

Finished reading on December 31, 2009 in the early morning hours.

“Acquainted with the Night provides readers with the rare opportunity to see within the world of a father struggling to understand the experience of mental illness that afflicts two of his children. Raeburn's background as a science writer and editor for Business Week creates the foundation from which he explores the illnesses of his children. However, the candor with which he expresses his own grief and suffering is what moves the reader into a fuller understanding of the profound impact mental illnesses can have on a family.”

—Rosalynn Carter, former. First Lady of the United States and chairperson, The Carter Center Mental Health Task Force

He expresses some of the frustration I feel when trying to seek help for the students in my classroom and for their families.... some/most do not have the resources or faculties to be able to advocate for their children... and when I attempt advocacy, the outcome is less than favorable given the way the system is set up... yet I continue to press forward.

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