1. Stone's Fall (Iain Pears)

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1. Stone's Fall (Iain Pears)

Post  Ren on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:40 am

An aging ex-reporter attends the funeral of an elderly widow. A solicitor approaches him and hands him a packet of papers that were to be delivered to him only after the woman's death. Reading them, he is transported back to events he has never forgotten. In 1909, industrialist-arms seller John Stone fell to his death from the window of his study. In his will, he left a bequest to an unknown daughter. His widow asked the young reporter to find the daughter, setting him on a search that transforms his life. Back through time the story goes—London 1909, Paris 1890, Venice 1867—with startling revelations at every step.

I felt the book started off rather slowly... but I also generally read rather late at night, a chapter at time, so that might throw it off some. It did build in intensity as the story wound its way back around... The interconnected-ness.... and the details... helped pull it all together, right down through the stunning final pages..

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