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2. Some Math Books Empty 2. Some Math Books

Post  wmeisel on Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:45 pm

Not everyone reads the math books, so I will collect these two here. These were actually read between last year and this year, but I will post them in 2010.

Dover has published a cheap copy of "Elementary Number Theory" by Underwood Dudley. This is a delightful number theory text, one I would certainly consider using if I was teaching at a school where we taught such upper level courses. Dudley is very entertaining, the problem sets are good, and the collection of topics seems good to me -- not an attempt to cover every single aspect of number theory, but hitting what I would think of as the high points in an introductory course. This was fun reading.

I also read Serge Lang's High School Geometry text. One of my dark secrets is that I really never liked Geometry much, so I was interested in how Lang, a famous mathematician and author, would approach Geometry. He seems to try to emphasize the things that you might need to ultimately know in an upper level math class. So, he spent much less time on congruent triangles and similarity than is common in most High School Geometry texts I have seen. He emphasizes the pythagorean theorem a lot, and uses it quite a bit more than is typical. All in all, this was a very interesting approach to teaching Geometry, well worth looking at. I wonder if anyone uses it.

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