09. Three By Tennessee by Tennessee Williams

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09. Three By Tennessee by Tennessee Williams

Post  twunny on Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:45 am

A collection of three plays by Tennessee Williams: Sweet Bird of Youth, The Rose Tattoo, and Night of the Iguana.

I didn't gain any perspective on Williams here. It reinforced my ambivalence about him. Some of his characters seem unrealistically romantic against a stark backdrop. And if that's supposed to be something, I'm pretty sure I don't get it. The hero of Sweet Bird of Youth I didn't find particularly sympathetic. The heroine of The Rose Tattoo I found overly pathetic. And I'm not sure who the hero or heroine of Night of the Iguana was supposed to be. Everything seemed very smoky and hard to access.

On the other hand, Williams' mastery of nostalgia and what remains unsaid is undeniable. From an actorly standpoint, the characters are very attractive. To delve into someone who says the things they say is probably an adventure. But I feel the stories are hard to produce. Williams included staging and character notes that just make me say: "Wheeww. I'm glad I don't have to pull that off..."

An essential stop for fans of American Theatre of the 20th Century. Other than that, not required reading, in my humble opinion.

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