7. Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

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7. Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

Post  wmeisel on Thu May 20, 2010 7:47 pm

This is the third graphic novel by Guy Delisle (the first two were Shenzhen and Pyongyang, both about experiences in animation studios in the two respective countries.) This one is longer and a bit meatier than the first two.

In 2007, Guy and his wife spent a little over a year in Burma (sometimes called Myanmar) while she worked in a medical NGO. While she is working, Guy helps care for their son and works on several books. Delisle's art style is slightly cartoony without being too busy; it's quite easy to "read", unlike some art in graphic novels. We learn quite a bit about what it is like living under a military dictatorship, what it is like working for an NGO, and also a lot about Delisle himself.

All three of these graphic novels are well worth reading, but this one is I think the best. Recommended.

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