13. Art in Time by Dan Nadel

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13. Art in Time by Dan Nadel Empty 13. Art in Time by Dan Nadel

Post  wmeisel on Tue Jun 08, 2010 4:04 pm

This is a collection of comic book stories by under-appreciated creators.

There is some very entertaining stuff here: Pete Morisi (whose day job was being a policeman, so he signed his work as "PAM" to hide his moonlighting from his superiors) is represented by some crime noir Johnny Dynamite tales, there are some good Sam Hill stories, a lost underground work from the early 80s that would probably have been a big hit if it had been published a few years later once the independent comic book boom had started, a bizarre (but well illustrated) Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle tale, and a serviceable Western. There are also some creepy comics from John Stanley (of Little Lulu fame) and Matt Fox.

There are also a few clunkers: H. G. Peter, the original illustrator of Wonder Woman is represented by several Man O'Metal stories, which have his interesting art, but pretty dull plots. One of these tales would have been enough for me. And there is an underground cartoonist take on Greek Myth that left me cold.

Verdict? Recommended.

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