2. City of Saints and Madmen: Jeff VanderMeer

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2. City of Saints and Madmen: Jeff VanderMeer

Post  Patguy on Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:30 pm

Postmodern fantasy of the China Mieville variety. The book is a mixture of naturalistic short stories and stories in more experimental forms: letters, a scientific monograph, a family history, a glossary, a Robbe-Grillet-style frozen moment vignette, etc. The weird fungus-clogged city of Ambergris is an intriguing setting, and I liked much of the world-building here. But to me the plotting seemed limp, and the prose is a little sludgy, never seeming to quite reach the musical heights VanderMeer intends. I will definitely read VanderMeer’s other Ambergris books, but I hope his style crystallizes a bit more.

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