21. Listen to This by Alex Ross

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21. Listen to This by Alex Ross Empty 21. Listen to This by Alex Ross

Post  wmeisel on Wed Nov 17, 2010 3:43 am

This is an exceptional collection of essays about music by Alex Ross. Ross is the author of THE REST IS NOISE, a fantastic history of 20th century classical music that I read when it first came out and wholeheartedly recommend. The new book contains updated versions of previous articles. Several are stand outs: a look at the classical music scene in China, spending a few days with Bjork, a look at some music programs for under privileged children, a chapter about Schubert -- these are the ones that come to mind now as I sit here writing this review.

But really, Ross' book is the best kind; it made me want to spend time with the author. Ross' head is filled with such knowledge and interesting thoughts about music that I felt like I was sitting around with him while reading the book.

Very highly recommended!

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