25. Learning Chinese The Easy Way by Sam Song

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25. Learning Chinese The Easy Way by Sam Song

Post  wmeisel on Tue Jan 04, 2011 2:30 pm

This is a good idea that, in my opinion, doesn't work. The idea is to learn how to read Chinese by focusing on a short story (almost a fable), and learning the individual kanji characters from the story in order. Unfortunately, since you are learning the characters in order, you are memorizing what they mean in that specific order; I question whether I would recognize the characters out of context. So, it would be like learning how to understand the sentence "The bear walked across the street" by learning the meanings of "The bear", "The bear walked", "The bear walked across", etc. Song's descriptions of the visual pictures each character represents are good, but also not always that helpful for me personally, a rather non-visual person.

A better introduction to Chinese characters is the book I CAN READ THAT by Julie Sussman which I have re-read several times, and which is probably more realistic for a beginner.

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