50. Comics Roundup

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50. Comics Roundup

Post  Patguy on Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:10 pm

30 Days of Night: Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith
Alias vols. 1-4: Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos
All Star Superman vols. 1-2: Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely and Jamie Grant
The Authority—The Lost Year issues 1-12: Grant Morrison, Keith Giffen, et al.
Batman R.I.P.: Grant Morrison, Tony S. Daniel, et al.
Batwoman—Elegy: Greg Rucka, J. H. Williams III and Dave Stewart
Black Widow—Deadly Origin: Paul Cornell, Tom Raney and John Paul Leon
Bone—Tall Tales: Jeff Smith and Tom Sniegoski
B.P.R.D. vols. 12-14: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Joshua Dysart, et al.
The Brave and the Bold vol. 2: Mark Waid, George Perez and Jerry Ordway
Buffy the Vampire Slayer vols. 6-7: Jane Espenson, Brad Meltzer, Georges Jeanty, Joss Whedon, et al.
Caballistics, Inc. vols. 1-2: Gordon Rennie and Don Reardon
Captain America—Winter Soldier: Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting, et al.
Captain America—Red Menace vols. 1-2: Ed Brubaker, Mike Perkins, Steve Epting, et al.
Captain America—Civil War: Ed Brubaker, Mike Perkins and Lee Weeks
Captain America—The Death of Captain America vols. 1-3: Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting, et al.
Captain America—The Man With No Face: Ed Brubaker, Luke Ross, Steve Epting, Butch Guise, et al.
Daredevil vols. 1-3: Frank Miller and Klaus Janson
Daredevil—Born Again: Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli
Daredevil—Guardian Devil (vol. 1): Kevin Smith, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
Daredevil—Parts of a Hole (vol. 2): David Mack, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti
Daredevil vols. 3-7, 9-11, 13: Brian Michael Bendis, David Mack, Alex Maleev, et al.
Jack Kirby’s The Demon: Jack Kirby
Doctor Who vols. 1-2: Tony Lee, Al Davison, Matthew Dow Smith and Blair Shedd
Doctor Who—Through Time and Space: Various writers and artists
Doctor Who Classics vol. 5: Steve Parkhouse, Mick Austin, Steve Dillon, et al.
Dodgem Logic issues 1-2: Alan Moore, et al.
Doom Patrol vol. 1: Keith Giffen, Matthew Clark, Justiniano and Livesay
The Complete D. R. and Quinch: Alan Moore and Alan Davis
Empire: Mark Waid and Barry Kitson
Final Crisis: Grant Morrison, J. G. Jones, et al.
Final Crisis—Revelations: Greg Rucka, Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion
Glamourpuss issues 11-16: Dave Sim
Greek Street vol. 1: Peter Milligan and Davide Gianfelice
Green Lantern—Secret Origin: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Oclair Albert
Green Lantern—Rage of the Red Lanterns: Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, et al.
Green Lantern—Agent Orange: Geoff Johns, Philip Tan and Jonathan Glapion
Hack/Slash omnibus 1: Tim Seeley, et al.
Hellblazer—Hooked: Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Landini, Simon Bisley, et al.
Hellblazer—India: Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Landini, Simon Bisley, et al.
Hellboy vols. 9-10: Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo, et al.
Hellboy—Masks and Monsters: Mike Mignola, James Robinson, Scott Benefiel and Jasen Rodriguez
Hellboy—Weird Tales vol. 2: Various writers and artists
House of Mystery vols. 3-4: Matthew Sturges, Luca Rossi, Jose Marzan Jr., et al.
Incognito: Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips
Incorruptible vols. 1-2: Mark Waid, Jean Diaz and Horacio Domingues
The Incredible Hercules—World War Hulk: Greg Pak, Jeff Parker, Gary Frank Leonard Kirk, et al.
The Incredible Hercules vols. 1-6: Greg Pak, Fred van Lente, et al.
The Incredible Hulk—Planet Hulk: Greg Pak, Carlo Pagulayan, et al.
The Incredible Hulk—World War Hulk: Greg Pak and John Romita, Jr.
The Immortal Iron Fist vols. 1-3: Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, David Aja, et al.
The Invincible Iron Man vols. 1-3: Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca
Irredeemable vols. 1-4: Mark Waid and Peter Krause
Jonah Hex—Origins: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Jordi Bernet, et al.
Jonah Hex—Only the Good Die Young: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Jordi Bernet, et al.
Judge Dredd—The Complete Case Files vol. 1: John Wagner, Brian Bolland, Mike McMahon, et al.
JLA—Year One: Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn and Barry Kitson
Justice League of America issues 41-45: James Robinson, Len Wein, et al.
Justice League—Cry for Justice issues 6-7: James Robinson and Mauro Cascioli
Justice League—Generation Lost issues 1-15: Keith Giffen, Judd Winick, Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan
Kick-Ass: Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.
Showcase Presents: Legion of Super-Heroes vol. 3: Jim Shooter, Curt Swan, et al.
Locke & Key vol. 2: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez
The Losers books 1-2: Andy Diggle and Jock
The Miskatonic Project vol. 2: Mark Ellis, Darryl Banks, Daryl Hutchinson and Don Heck
Neonomicon issues 1-2: Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
The Pro: Garth Ennis, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti
Rex Libris vols. 1-2: James Turner
Sandman Mystery Theatre vol. 8: Matt Wagner, Steven T. Seagle, Guy Davis, Matthew Smith, et al.
Scalped vols. 1-6: Jason Aaron, R. M. Guera, et al.
Scott Pilgrim vols. 1-6: Bryan Lee O’Malley
Secret Six issues 17-28: Gail Simone, John Ostrander, J. Calafiore, et al.
Shade, the Changing Man vols. 2-3: Peter Milligan, Chris Bachalo and Mark Pennington
She-Hulk vols. 1-3: Dan Slott, Juan Bobillo and Paul Pelletier, et al.
Thor Visionaries: Walter Simonson vols. 1-2: Walt Simonson, et al.
Ultimate Marvel Team-Up ultimate collection: Brian Michael Bendis, et al.
Ultimate Spider-Man vol. 11: Brian Michael Bendis, Stuart Immonen, David Lafuente, et al.
The Unknown: Mark Waid and Minck Oosterveer
Unknown Soldier vol. 2: Joshua Dysart, Alberto Ponticelli and Pat Masioni
The Unwritten vols. 1-2: Mike Carey and Peter Gross
The Walking Dead vols. 1-13: Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Tony Moore and Cliff Rathburn
Showcase Presents: Warlord vol. 1: Mike Grell
Witchfinder vol. 1: Mike Mignola and Ben Steinbeck
Wolverine—Enemy of the State: Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.
Wolverine—Old Man Logan: Mark Millar and Steve McNiven

Plus various other issues: Amazing Spider-Man, The Authority, Justice League: Rise and Fall Special, Punisher Max: Butterfly, The Question, Suicide Squad, and Vertigo Resurrected.

I went a little crazy for comics this year, maybe as a counterweight to my Proust reading. I also made a point of branching out into contemporary Marvel comics, which I’d been pretty underinformed about. I’m glad I did—two of my favorite new series, She-Hulk and Incredible Hercules, I wouldn’t have found otherwise. Other superhero standouts were Walt Simonson’s Thor and Frank Miller’s Daredevil—it only took me 25 years or so to get around to these—Brian Bendis’s more recent Daredevil (but not Kevin Smith’s, which is absolute shit), Ed Brubaker’s Captain America, and Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s Iron Fist.

Geoff John’s Green Lantern continues to impress in a sort of predictable way, as does Fraction’s Iron Man. Mark Millar’s two Wolverine stories were also worth borrowing from the library, as was Greg Rucka’s Batwoman (although the main point of interest there is the art nouveau-ish art by J.H. Williams).

The dark and horrifying was also well represented by 2000AD’s Caballistics, Inc. and Alan Moore’s Neonomicon, whose second issue was the most unpleasant, disturbing thing I’ve read in years. Do I enjoy this sort of thing? I appreciate it intellectually, I guess.

Much more entertaining was Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, probably my favorite comic of 2010. Having run for about 80 issues so far, with no end in sight, it allows for a much longer-term unfolding story than any other zombie story I know of. In fact, its surprising complexity of plot and character reminds me a little of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, although not quite so sophisticated. It’s much better than the AMC television adaptation, by the way.

I’ve almost completely given up buying individual issues, since they’re a pain to sort and store, but all the trade paperbacks I’ve acquired aren’t much better—maybe the solution is to stop reading comics entirely.


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