3. Rasl (Pocket Book One) by Jeff Smith

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3. Rasl (Pocket Book One) by Jeff Smith Empty 3. Rasl (Pocket Book One) by Jeff Smith

Post  wmeisel on Sat Feb 26, 2011 4:19 pm

This is Jeff Smith's follow up to his very well received comic book Bone. This pocket book edition collects issues one through seven.

This is an adult tale (i.e., not for kids) about a scientist who discovers a way to "drift" to parallel Earths. To finance himself, he steals artwork from the alternate Earths and sells them for money on our Earth; a Picasso from a parallel Earth is still authenticated as a Picasso on our Earth. We gradually learn the back story of how he came into his predicament -- he was working with his best friend on a project for the military (while also having an affair with his friend's wife) when they discovered this method of travel to parallel Earths. He sabotaged the project and then escaped.

The book also deals a lot with Nikola Tesla and the Philadelphia Experiment, which are very popular topics in conspiracy circles.

Smith's art is still cartoony, but a bit darker for this project. I think the individual issues of this series might not give you enough of the story; it reads a lot better in seven issue clumps.

I barreled through this, and am looking forward to more. Recommended.

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