16. Maigret Hesitates by Georges Simenon

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16. Maigret Hesitates by Georges Simenon Empty 16. Maigret Hesitates by Georges Simenon

Post  wmeisel on Mon Jul 25, 2011 7:22 pm

When I took French in high school, our teacher tried to have us read a Maigret mystery in the original french, since (apparently) the language Simenon uses is very plain. I don't remember being very successful at this.

In any case, at a library sale a month or two ago, I came across this particular Maigret in a cool 1970 paperback with what looks to me like a photo cover, and I thought I might try one of these in English. They are very popular.

I have mixed feelings about this one. Inspector Maigret receives anonymous letters warning of an upcoming murder, and he tries to prevent it. Then, when it occurs, he figures out "who did it." The book starts very slowly; it's only 158 pages, and the murder did not occur till about 50 pages till the end. Once the murder occurred, I will admit to flying through the last 50 pages, finding that the logical candidate was indeed the murderer. But it had taken several weeks of reading a chapter at a time to get to that point in the book.

I guess I would say I enjoyed reading this, but I don't know if it made enough of an impression on me that I need to read any others in the series.

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