20. Archie: Night at the Comics Shop

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20. Archie: Night at the Comics Shop Empty 20. Archie: Night at the Comics Shop

Post  wmeisel on Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:54 pm

This was reviewed in Comics Buyer's Guide, a magazine I subscribe to.

It's a collection of four issues that feature a "crisis on infinite earths" type crossover among the characters published by MLJ, the forerunner of Archie comics. (If that last sentence made no sense to you, just skip this review.) It's pretty entertaining; not life-changing, but features many old characters from MLJ that I had not heard of before. The last 15 pages or so are one page descriptions of the different characters, including the issues in which they were published.

This was $9.95 well spent as far as I'm concerned. Recommended for those who like this kind of stuff.

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