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22. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Empty 22. Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Post  wmeisel on Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:25 pm

Since I have gotten my Kindle, one of the things I have been trying out on it is magazines. In particular, I have read several issues of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine.

These have been a pleasant surprise. I find I am reading most of the stories in each issue with enjoyment. Some stick in my mind even as I write this review: a story about boyfriend investigation #19; a story about a man planning the murder of his wife while on a cruise, and what happens when it's HIM who dies; a story about a man who is competing with other men for a woman he works with, and the strange accidents that seem to keep befalling those other men.

I have to say I think the editors of this magazine are doing a great job. Most of the stories are engaging enough for me to finish, which is saying a lot for someone who doesn't read that much fiction.

A kindle subscription is $1.99 per issue. The physical magazine is $4.99 per issue.

Recommended. This is a great deal.

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