24. Boarding the Enterprise (edited by Gerrold and Sawyer)

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24. Boarding the Enterprise (edited by Gerrold and Sawyer)

Post  wmeisel on Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:33 pm

(This is a review of the Kindle version of this book.)

While looking to see what books by David Gerrold were available on Kindle, I came across this; a collection of essays about Star Trek:TOS. I don't remember coming across the book before.

This was a winner. It includes an interesting essay by Gerrold, a remembrance by D. C. Fontana of what it was like working on the series, an essay about the importance of the prime directive, a philosophical essay about identity in Star Trek, a funny essay by Lawrence Watt-Evans attempting to explain why there were so few safety features on the Enterprise, an article by an Engineer arguing that Scotty was the most indispensable member of the crew, an article about how Star Trek created the idea of syndication as a way for TV series to make money, and others.

In fact, I read every essay except one that covered fan fiction, which bored me.


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