25. Sleeping With The Devil, Robert Baer

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25.  Sleeping With The Devil, Robert Baer Empty 25. Sleeping With The Devil, Robert Baer

Post  jrpstonecarver on Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:41 pm

Sleeping With The Devil is Robert Baer's book about the US relationship with Saudi Arabia. While it is profoundly disturbing at times, there are places where I don't think he fully supports his arguments. In addition, events have surpassed his vision of reality.

Published in 2003, Baer worries about the affect of very high oil prices on the US economy that might result from instabilities and problems within Saudi Arabia. He worries about oil getting up to or over $100 per barrel, but that has already happened. See, for example:


I am sure that the price of oil has deepened our economic problems, but it, singly, has not brought down the world's economy as Baer seemed to fear.

In any case, the issues Baer highlights about the relationship between the US and Saudi Arabia - mostly in the form of our relationship with the Saudi royal family - are troubling. Any number of great arguments for energy independence can be made starting from concerns about oil, and I think there is a lot of truth there.

In short, an interesting book, but how much it reflects reality now I am not sure.
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