34. Comic Book Roundup

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34. Comic Book Roundup

Post  wmeisel on Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:18 am

This year finds me following even fewer titles every month. What I am reading:

- Legion of Super Heroes - Paul Levitz is still writing this, and I will follow a Levitz legion anywhere he wants to take it.

- Aquaman - Aquaman is an undervalued hero, and Geoff Johns is writing a very satisfying series so far.

-Sergio Aragones Funnies - this is an old fashioned collection of stories, both fictional and nonfictional, along with cartoons and puzzles. It is a delight.

- Glamourpuss - Dave Sim's bizarre combination of fashion magazine tomfoolery along with a micro-history of Stan Drake and Alex Raymond intersections. This one is very hard to describe.

-Star Trek/Legion of Super Heroes -- self-recommending.

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